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COLORS used in this artwork are derived from natural pigments of ground clay, turmeric, saffron and cayenne pepper blended with burnt sienna and raw umber.

BACKGROUND is eggshell.

TEXTURING is a unique loop/string application. Edges of prepared board are irregular in shape.

SIZE is 14 ½” H x 16”W

CULTURAL INSPIRATION: This representation of two human beings wearing large headdresses and weapons are done in the ‘early’ Mimi style and come from Arnhem Land, the Deaf Adder Creek area, Mt. Gilruth. Mimi is customarily a sacred art with totemic motifs. ‘Early’ Mimi styles are often seen in motion, the Mimi hunters or warriors were true Mimi art. Their bodies are usually shown in action, bent forward, legs straddled, and arm extended, ready to throw a weapon. The weapons depicted are boomerangs and barbed spears. Notice the spear at the top of the picture. It is a traditional hunting spear made of a wooden blade with barbs on one side. The spear is thrown by hand, without the use of a spearthrower seen in ‘late’ Mimi art. The figure to the left has boomerangs attached to his waist belt. Predominately male figures, their facial features are obscure and hands and feet rarely distinguishable.

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