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COLORS used in this artwork are burnt sienna, raw umber, grays, blues, charcoal and black.

BACKGROUND is soft white.

TEXTURING is heavy. The deeply carved gypsum with contrasting background gives images an ethereal radiance. Edges of prepared board have the appearance of “rock” texture.

SIZE is 10”H x 10¼ ”W

CULTURAL INSPIRATION: These particular images are referred to as “Bradshaw” figures, after Captain Joseph Bradshaw. He was the explorer who sketched them as he traversed Australia towards the end of the last century. Captain Bradshaw was the first European to record these paintings in 1892. It is difficult to judge the age of these paintings, but they are believed to be around 3,000 years old. They are located in the Kimberley area, the northern part of Western Australia. The figures are quite small, elegant and very graceful, showing many running and dancing scenes.

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