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COLORS used in this artwork are white highlights, fleshy tones, Indiana rose and toffee brown.

BACKGROUND is a mixture of flat white and above colors.

TEXTURING is medium. Carved frame and distinctive brown accents highlight edges of prepared board.

SIZE is 9”H x 12”W

CULTURAL INSPIRATION: These figures can be found at the Nourlangie main shelter in the Northern Territory. Nourlangie is in Arnhem Land, which is an Aboriginal reserve and protected area. The figures depict ancestral male & female figures and “Namarrkon”—the Lightning-Man. He is also referred to as “Ngaliur”, “Namargon”, and “Namaren”, depending on the area or clan location. Lightning-Man is not a human being, but rather a spirit being. Notice that his hands have only three fingers, indicating a “spirit being”. His genitals resemble the stone axes used by the aboriginals. (Namarrkon is the far right figure in the painting and is holding a rod of lightning that goes around his head).

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