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COLORS used in this artwork are blends of raw sienna and browns.

BACKGROUND is satin eggshell.

TEXTURING is very soft and minimal, mostly appearing on the wall surrounding the picture.

SIZE 8”H x 11”W

CULTURAL INSPIRATION: Nourlangie Rock is located on the extreme western edge of the Arnhem Land Escarpment and the paintings here are collectively referred to as the “Blue Paintings”. The distinctive blue pigment renders them extraordinarily dramatic. The “washing blue” pigment, as it is sometimes referred to, came from washing powder available from the laundries at the missions. This blue turtle comes from Kakadu National Park located east of Darwin. Kakadu is a remarkable place, with outstanding wildlife and a collection of Aboriginal rock paintings, which date back 20,000 years. This national park boasts the finest rock paintings in Australia. They are accurate portrayals of the rich culture of the Aboriginal people.

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