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COLORS used in this artwork are derived from natural pigments of ground clay, turmeric, saffron and cayenne pepper blended with burnt sienna.

BACKGROUND is eggshell.

TEXTURING is heavy and bumpy to the touch. The image is deeply carved into the gypsum almost becoming one with the texturing. Edges of prepared board are uneven and irregular in shape.

SIZE is 16” H x 14 ½ ”W

CULTURAL INSPIRATION: This particular rock painting was rendered in Mimi art style. The figure is a spirit and is referred to as “Ngaliur”, “Namargon”, and “Namaren”; or more generally known as “Lightning-Man”. (The name Namaren is also translated as “Thunder-Man”). When the Lightning-Man throws his axes it causes thunder. Notice the stone axes protruding from his head, elbow, hands, feet and hips. Of special interest is the line etched completely encircling him—this symbolizes lightning. The Lightning-Man is often portrayed with pendants—it refers to his strength or power, enabling him to produce thunder. This particular rock painting is located on the western side of the Arnhem Land plateau near the Cadell River area.

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