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COLORS used in this artwork ranges from burnt orange to browns with white highlights and turquoise accent.

BACKGROUND is light hues of deep melon.

TEXTURING is medium. Carved frame is accented with brilliant white and melon giving a pearl luminescent appearance to edges of prepared gypsum board.

SIZE Is 17 ½"H x 13 ½"W

CULTURAL INSPIRATION: My rendition of “The Lightning Brothers” rock picture comes from the upper Daly River, in the Northern Territory of Australia—home to the Wardaman people. The figure on the left is “Yagjagbula” and the figure on the right is his sibling—his younger brother, “Yabiringi”. They are sometimes referred to as “Pee-Wee Beings”. The white contrasting lines give a striped effect on their bodies, which represents falling rain. Wardaman people divide their rock art into two categories: “buwarraja”, which they believe were not made by people, but by Creator Beings from the Dreamtime; and “bulawula” pictures made by people.

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