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COLORS used in this artwork are reds/crimson, ocher blends, black and browns.

BACKGROUND is white.

TEXTURING is extremely engaging showing reverse-negative “hunting clubs” in the texturing itself. Edges of prepared board are highlighted by white carved frame.

SIZE 12”H x 9 ½”W

CULTURAL INSPIRATION: This painting is on a rock wall in the Emu Gallery, Laura, Queensland. A spectacular gallery of bold paintings and engravings are located on the walls of caves in the Laura district, just north of Cairns. It is one of many magnificent specimens of Aboriginal rock art. The large bird in the center is called an emu, flightless birds related to the ostrich. The elongated black object at the bottom of the painting is a hunting club. The hunting club was the Aborigine’s basic weapon. They varied in lengths according to the size of the user, and were often used to settle disputes among the women.

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