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COLORS used in this artwork are rusty reds and orange, browns and black.

BACKGROUND is shades of mossy green/gray

TEXTURING is light. Edges of prepared board are irregular in size.

SIZE is 16 ½”H x 21 ½”W

CULTURAL INSPIRATION: This particular piece of artwork is inspired from a bark painting from Groote Eylandt. A bark painting is one of the best-known forms of Aboriginal art. In the early days, paintings often decorated the walls of bark huts and cylindrical bark containers that were used by the early aboriginal. Ancestral Beings are hunting for a turtle and dugong, or “sea cow”. Sea cows are herbivorous marine mammals that have flippers and a paddle-like tail. The picture shows a dugout canoe being dragged through the water by the dugong as it tries to dislodge the harpoon head from its body.

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