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COLORS used in this artwork are striking blends of burnt sienna, raw sienna, burnt umber and raw umber. A ground clay pigment rub adds to the intensity of these colors. The image is deeply “carved”.

BACKGROUND is eggshell.

TEXTURING is very rough and jagged, created by using knife-striking technique. Edges of board are uneven, with unusual removed edges at corners.

SIZE is 15 ½”H x 14 ½”W

CULTURAL INSPIRATION: A grotto with a small spring at Deaf Adder Creek in Arnhem Land, is the location of this “X-ray Art”. This rock art located on the ceiling, is a bisexual being with an appendage of “Rainbow Snake” attached to the stylized hips. Another “Rainbow Snake” lies between its widely separated legs. Prominent features to notice are the two feet, one being kangaroo and the other, human. “The Mother” as the aboriginal people refer it to has a protruding naval feature. The leg in the upright position has a namarnde plant attached to it. According to aboriginal legend, when Rainbow Snake has babies, some are born as water pythons or “manjdjurdurrk”. These snakes (Liasis fuscus) have an iridescent skin that is believed to be the being’s spirit. Rainbows seen in the sky after a rain are thought to be their spirit or “shadow”. Aboriginal pigments used in this rock art, are red lines on a white base.

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