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COLORS used in this artwork are browns, grays and black, accented with mustard and burnt sienna tones.

BACKGROUND is a flat soft white.

TEXTURING is heavy and raised. Images are delicately carved into the gypsum adding much detail. Edges of prepared board are highlighted by light gray carved frame.

SIZE is 18”H x 22”W

CULTURAL INSPIRATION: This river, or estuarine, rock art is located at Nanguluwurr in Kakadu National Park. Kakadu is in the Northern Territory of Australia, near Darwin. Kakadu National Park is in Arnhem Land, which is an Aboriginal Reserve. Many beautiful examples of Aboriginal rock art can be found there. This particular piece represents fish. The Aboriginal art is so naturalistic that it is actually possible to identify individual species, such as mullet, salmon, catfish and an Australian favorite—barramundi. This piece depicts a style known as X-ray art—showing the internal organs and bone structure of a subject inside its external form.

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