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COLORS used in this artwork ranges from natural flesh colors mixed with raw sienna & clay colors.

BACKGROUND combines the same colors in addition to warm browns.

TEXTURING is irregular and eruptive. Edges of prepared board are highlighted by carved frame.

SIZE is 13 ½”H x 17”W

CULTURAL INSPIRATION: “Goanna Dreaming” comes from a rock painting that is located in Garnawala, Innesvale, Northern Territory. Garnawala is a half-mile long outcrop featuring fifty-two rock shelters containing Aboriginal rock art. These outcroppings are all part of Garnawala, a single rock art site. Garnawala is the northern clan estate near Mount Hogarth in the Northern Territory of Australia. A “goanna”, also known as the Blue Tongue Lizard, is an indigenous reptile to Australia and is on the protected species list. It is common and can be found in any backyard garden in Australia.

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