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COLORS used in this artwork are raw sienna, burnt umber variations accented by black and brown.

BACKGROUND is modifications of these colors.

TEXTURING is soft. Edges of prepared board are highlighted by carved frame done in same colors.

SIZE is 19 ½”H x 24”W

CULTURAL INSPIRATION: This particular Wandjina head is “Warmaj Muli Muli” from Lejmarro, Kimberley in Western Australia. All the Wandjinas who fought the people at Dumbai are painted at Wanalirri. Following the battle the Wandjinas proceeded west, leaving Wojin there alone. In the central Kimberley area of Western Australia, the Wandjina paintings are believed to be powerful creative heroes—the cloud beings who control the rains, floods and storms. Their painted images on rock paintings throughout the Kimberley area show them painted in essentially human form, with large bodies outlined in red, huge dark eyes, no mouths and “halos” of cloud and lightning.

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