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COLORS used in this artwork are rich, deep brown hues and natural sienna.

BACKGROUND is flat white and soft “texturing” is applied. Edges of prepared board are highlighted by a prominently “carved” frame done in burnt umber and mixed with dark, strong browns.

SIZE is 19”H x 24 ½ ”W

CULTURAL INSPIRATION: These four Wandjina heads can be found at Wanalirri, Gibb River area in Kimberley, Western Australia. The area at Wanalirri is where after the mythical battle, the Wandjinas resumed their travels. Wanalirri is where their bodies went back to the earth and finally came to rest. The Wandjinas are immortal mythological spirits. The aboriginals believe that if they are disrespected they will bring the storms and floods and are associated with the rainy season in Australia.

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