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COLORS used in this artwork are blends of raw sienna and browns.

BACKGROUND is satin eggshell.

TEXTURING is very soft and minimal, mostly appearing on the wall. Curious pockmarks are randomly disbursed giving additional interest in texture.

SIZE 16"H x 11"W

CULTURAL INSPIRATION: Powerful creative heroes, cloud beings who control the rain, flood and storms are called “Wandjina”. Wandjina is a generic term for a group of ancestral beings living in the Kimberley area. They are associated with a complex mythology largely having to do with the arrival of the monsoon season in Australia. Many of these artistically drawn mythical beings with large eyes are found at Mamandai, in the Kimberley of Western Australia. In the Dreamtime they created the world and everything in it, including laws of religious and social behavior. The Dreamings are activated by art and ceremony and conducted generation after generation. Descendants learn the meaning of the moral, spiritual and natural order of the cosmos by watching and participating in these ceremonies.

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