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COLORS used in this artwork are blends of gold, clay, raw sienna and browns.

BACKGROUND is satin eggshell.

TEXTURING is very soft and minimal, mostly appearing on the wall surrounding the picture.

SIZE 22”H x 16”W

CULTURAL INSPRIATIONS: Located at Nourlangie Rock in Kakadu National Park at the top end, you will find this beautiful rock painting of “Spirit” figures. The Aboriginal people from this area refer to Nourlangie Rock as “Burrunggui”. Many superimposed paintings from prehistoric times can be found here, alongside the most recent, executed in the 1960s. Different clans inherit sacred pictures and it has been their responsibility to freshen colors, repair damage and repaint color. Over time, superimposition of much of the rock art is created. Thanks to a new technique called thermoluminescence dating now suggests initial occupation of the period 50,000 to 60,000 years BP (Before the Present). The presence of multi-layering siliceous skins, which forms over much of the art, is another indication of its antiquity. This prominent silica permeates through the existing pigment and dissipates at the surface, bonding the pigment permanently to the rock.

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