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COLORS used in this artwork are soft blues, golds and hues of red/maroon/crimson with medium browns.

BACKGROUND is pale white,

TEXTURING is medium. Edges of prepared board are slightly irregular in size.

SIZE is 15 ½”H x 22 ½”W

CULTURAL INSPIRATION: This picture of Two Elderly Beings—“Djanggural” and Spirit People Yirrminyunung comes from a site located at the main Garnawala Rock Shelter, Innersvale, Northern Territory. At Garnawala you will find a series of large rocky outcrops in a very isolated area. These particular paintings focus on the Rainbow Serpent and Yirrminyunung stories. The small matchstick-like figures that are decorated on the main gallery, facing south are the young spirits. They are being guarded by Two Elderly Beings painted on the wall above them.

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