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COLORS used in this artwork are ocher blends, burnt umber, raw umber, gray and clay.

BACKGROUND is flat white.

TEXTURING is soft. Edges of prepared board have a rock like appearance.

SIZE is 10 ½”H x 9 ½”W

CULTURAL INSPRIATION: This piece of art, which looks like ferns, adorns the “Fertility Cave”, or “Woman’s Place” cave wall, at “Uluru” (Uluru is the Aboriginal name for Ayers Rock). It is located in the Northern Territory of Australia. At this spot a Kunia woman, in the transformed body of Bulari, gave birth to her baby. At this location is a large split boulder, hollowed into a cave that represents Bulari. The rock near the opening of the cave represents her baby who is still there. Also represented are the knee indentations of the women who accompanied Bulari and helped in the birth. The split boulder has been rubbed to a shine over millennium from the women who seek Bulari’s guidance for a safe childbirth.

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