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COLORS used in this piece are burnt sienna, grays and blue mix, and moss translucent glaze.

BACKGROUND is eggshell.

TEXTURING and color of this piece are very reminiscent of the original cultural inspiration. The surface is very disproportionate.

SIZE is 12”H x 12”W

CULTURAL INSPIRATION: Pursuit of the evil spirit Andungun by an aborigine—from Unbalanya Hill, Injalak. This particular cave art composition was one of the unique art examples selected for insertion in “UNESCO World Art Series of rare art masterpieces of the world”; after appearing in this 1949 UNESCO publication. (Plate XIII).The figure to the left is a Namarnde spirit, Andungun, who kills and eats people. Notice his distended stomach in which he is carrying four dead people. Both male figures have spear-throwers. Andungun is also carrying short goose spears and a honey-bag suspended from his shoulder. An aboriginal who has failed to spear him is pursuing him. Spearthrowers are also referred to as woomera. They have many uses besides acting as a lever to project spears with great force. They also act as digging stick and lever to pry bark from trees. The most basic feature of the spearthrower is a blade, at the end of the blade is a spur that fits into a hole at the butt end of the spear shaft. This implement gives length to the arm of the hunter, providing increased force and strength when projecting the weapon, helping the spear to travel further and more accurately .

Honey is an important staple to bush diet. This sweet is a delightful treat for these nomadic people and is carried in a honey-bag. The women in Central Australia will uncover the honey ant by locating their underground nests and digging deeply into the earth. Papunya, which means “Honey Ant Dreaming” is one of the locations for this sweet treat. The ants will store honeydew and nectar in their swollen abdomens. As food searching is guided by the seasons, the aboriginal women in September and October will keep a particularly keen eye out for the appearance of stringy bark gum blossoms and wattle blossoms, a sure sign that honey can be found in abundance.

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